What is Joomla?

Joomla is an extremely well known content management system. It is available to download and once it has been downloaded, it is an extremely useful tool to develop websites with. Basically, this is a tool that is used to put all the pieces together, to create an end product. Of course, this means compiling the likes of articles, as well as photos and graphics to ensure that the website is exactly how it should be.

Although this is used by a lot of amateur webmasters, the reality is that Joomla is used predominantly by profession web and graphic designers. Generally they will have a brief from a client that explains exactly what they want. Because of the complexities that Joomla incorporates in terms of features, it is the perfect tool to enable web and graphic designers to create something that is incredibly unique for their client.

The reason that Joomla has become so popular is because it has been well known for being incredibly user friendly. Even those that have little technical knowledge, or little experience when it comes to any form of design, find that these Joomla CMS websites are incredibly easy to update and maintain. This means that people can easily edit the websites over time, allowing them to evolve.

Joomla is a piece of technology that is constantly developing. Web and graphic designers understand the power of Joomla more and more every single day, which makes it more and more powerful to them and the people that they create the websites for.

Download Joomla on Joomla.org

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