Solving the 0x80244022 Error in Windows 10

Ah the dreaded 0x80244022 error code. You know it well don’t you? It’s the one that pops up and brings your computer to a screeching halt. It’s the one that can leave you feeling helpless and frustrated. Well don’t worry because I’m here to help.

What is the Error Code 0x80244022?

The 0x80244022 error code is a Windows Update error. It appears when Windows is unable to successfully install an update. It could be due to a variety of reasons including a lack of available storage space or a problem with the update itself.

Here is a useful table with the most common causes of the 0x80244022 error code and some possible solutions:

Cause Solution
Insufficient storage space Free up some storage space and try again
Outdated version of Windows Update Windows to the latest version
Corrupt Windows Update components Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter
Corrupt system files Run the System File Checker


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How Do You Fix the Error?

Ah 0x80244022 the notorious Windows Update Error. We’ve all felt the pang of dread that accompanies this frustrating message but fear not — all hope is not lost! It’s possible to fix the dreaded error with a few steps. Let’s take a deep breath and dive into the problem-solving journey together.

First try giving your computer a good ol’ restart. It’s not a silver-bullet solution but it will at least rule out the possibility that a reboot would do the trick. You never know — it might just do the trick!

If that doesn’t work use your computer’s built-in software repair tool. Specifically for Windows 10 users open the ‘Start’ menu type in “troubleshoot” and maneuver to the ‘Troubleshooting’ section of the ‘Settings’ app. From there you can select ‘Software Repair’ — which should detect and resolve any issue with a driver or other program that caused the error.

Finally you could always try resetting Windows Update. This can be done by searching for ‘command prompt’ in the start menu right-clicking on it selecting the ‘Run as Administrator’ option and then running the following commands: ‘net stop wuauserv’ “net stop cryptSvc” “net stop bits” “net stop msiserver” ‘ren C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old’ and ‘net start wuauserv.’

With these steps you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting rid of 0x80244022 for good. Good luck and keep your chin up — you can do this!

What Causes the Error?

Error code 0x80244022 is an irritatingly-common Windows update calamity that can affect users of any Windows-based operating system. It’s a symptom of a larger problem caused by a Windows update misconfiguration so don’t blame yourself if it’s happened to your device. Instead take a deep breath and read on for insight into the big bad world of 0x80244022.

The root of this error code usually lies in Windows Update itself when the configuration settings have been messed up or the system can’t access the Windows update feature correctly. Also third-party software such as firewalls security programs and web browsers can be culprits as they disrupt the normal operation of Windows Update. Malware can also contribute to 0x80244022 error.

The good news is that 0x80244022 isn’t a permanent issue—you can fix it. All you need to do is take a closer look at your PC system and figure out which process is causing the trouble. It could be a matter of making sure the Windows Update configuration is correct or uninstalling third-party applications that could be causing problems. If it turns out to be something malicious you’ll need to take appropriate action.

Whatever the cause the 0x80244022 error can be a real pain but there is help out there. With a bit of time and patience you should be able to make it all better.

Can the Error be Recurring?

Ever feel like the code of life is throwing you the same 0x80244022 error time and time again? Well don’t worry you’re not alone — this Windows Update issue pops up far more often than anyone would like.

The good news is you can troubleshoot this bug fairly easily and get back to your regularly scheduled programming in no time. By following a few key tips you can deal with this error quickly and putatively leaving you free to get back to working on the stuff that really matters — like gaming and cat videos.

First you’ll want to make sure you’ve downloaded all of the most recent updates and patches available on your computer. Updates help to protect against malicious viruses and other digital mayhem while patches address any glitches more specific to your computer. If you haven’t done this in a few months (or longer!) now’s the time.

Next Windows Update may be trying to download a large number of security updates all at once which can be a bit much for your computer to handle. Try using the Selective Startup option in System Configuration settings to make sure only the services and apps you need for regular operations are running. You can also limit the maximum number of downloads at once in the settings.

If the issue still isn’t resolved you can attempt a System Restore — this will restore your computer to an earlier version when the issue wasn’t present before your computer encounterd the 0x80244022 error.

By following these steps you can avoid the dreaded 0x80244022 error and keep your update process running along smoothly. So take a deep breath put on some music and get troubleshooting — it’ll all be up and running soon!

Page Updated: March 2, 2023

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